I am tired of the way some people act in this country. They had a riot in Kalamazoo yesterday. Some right-wing group, the Proud Boys, had a little march with flags through the streets, and a mob of irate people assembled and promptly attacked them. Their crimes were chanting “four more years” and waving the flag. Hell, the counter-protestors were armed with rocks and sticks and assault weapons. Finally the police broke it up and started arresting people, after the Proud Boys left.

Of course there was no report of this incident on the news, and I live in Michigan. You would think somebody would report on a riot, but no, the media is too concerned with the virus and schools opening to report on anything like civil disorder. They don’t want it to be known that there are people who support the way our society is now, only the violent fucks who want to burn down police stations and court houses.

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