Full of Shit

All politicians are full of shit. I am listening to Bernie Sanders now and he is just spouting bullshit and accusations about Trump. They all change their story to get what they want every time they speak. I can’t listen to this shit any more.

Donald Trump is just as bad. I have yesterday’s press conference on now. As I recall from yesterday he went on and on for the whole conference saying how great our economy is and how great business is doing for our country. What a putz. I might vote my conscience and write my own name into the ballot for president.

I had to turn that crap off finally. I did see something I thought was funny today. The antifa fucks showed up at the biker rally in Sturgis yesterday and tried to start a fight by kicking a biker while he was riding by. The cops mobbed the guy, who of course fought back, and hauled him off to safety. I would have liked to see what the bikers would have done to those motherfuckers if the police were not there.

I watched a small documentary from Al Jazeera on antifa that was released in 2018. You know, if you are for Trump, against abortion, think family values are important, or wave an American flag, these fuckers will call you a fascist and will punch you in the head. They don’t want police, they don’t want prison, they start fires and attack people, and they are really nothing but anarchists.

They had riots in Chicago again yesterday. They have apparently been having riots in Portland and Seattle for years now. They had a riot in Kalamazoo yesterday. We lost ten million acres of corn and soy on Monday to the derecho. I have noticed food prices going up again, and people are predicting an economic collapse for this fall. If ever there was a shit hits the fan scenario in this world, this is it. More people keep getting sick, and they are sending the kiddies back to school. The election is being rigged, and all our leaders say is how great everything is. This is the new world order.

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