Which Crook?

Which crook do I vote for this fall? I damn sure will not be voting for Joe Biden. I don’t live in a socialist dictatorship and damn sure will not vote for a person who wants to turn America into a third world country owned by the Chinese. Look at the cities like Chicago, Portland, and Seattle run by the Democrats. They are pretty much in a state of anarchy because the mayors won’t tell the police to arrest and charge looters and rioters. They have a high murder rate as well recently.

Do I vote for Donald Trump? Maybe. Until the Chinese released this virus on the world things were going pretty well in this country. He hasn’t started any new wars. The economy was pretty good and people had jobs. Still, a lot of people hate his guts. He is a braggart and has a lot of corrupt friends he has put into positions of power over the last four years. He’s still better at leading the country than this Sleepy Joe character ever was.

This country is in for some hard times this fall, despite what the president says. I have some food put away for hard times, but no great stash. I have no money to speak of, and don’t really need much living here with Dad. I’m out of the city so urban unrest doesn’t affect me yet. I’m not trying to convince anybody how to vote, but I will tell you this: Hard times are coming.

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