Still Sober

I went out this morning and bought some groceries and cough drops for Dad. I thought about buying beer but resisted the urge. The last thing I need these days is to start drinking.

I’m not really doing too bad on sobriety for the month. I only drank on two days. I am back on track to losing some weight, and I am getting interested in current affairs for some reason. This country is going to hell in a bucket and nobody is doing anything to prevent or stop the mayhem.

I did a little research this morning on causes of death in America. In the time that corona virus has killed about 180,000 people in this country, 320,000 have died from smoking tobacco. You don’t see them closing businesses, making people wear respirators, or doing anything about the tobacco industry. This is the worst kind of hypocrisy in my opinion. They do nothing but promote alcohol use as well in the media and on the radio.

I’m taking it easy at home today. It is supposed to rain this afternoon. We might get storms. It is also very hot outside again. I slept too much again last night, not staying up past 10:30 and waking up at 7:00. I am tired of writing about my life. Nothing interesting happens to me. I haven’t even heard from my friend in almost 3 weeks now. I have my Dad to talk to, but all he seems to do these days is watch TV. I suppose he has to take it easy with his injuries.

I think I will do some research and write a story on the presidential election. Now that the socialists think they are going to take over, it seems like a good time to let my opinion be known and record my own ideas on how this country should be run. I don’t think wordpress will censor my words, like facebook or twitter would. You never know though, the thought police seem to be everywhere these days.

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