I used to smoke cannabis flowers. It didn’t start until I turned 18. Back in high school, in Ann Arbor, I was friends with the stoners and other outcasts. They used to go out into the parking lot at lunch hour and smoke down. I had no other friends, so I would hang out with them. We had a band, three or four of us. I bought an electric guitar. One night hanging out at Mike’s house, with his parents away, Mike loaded up a bowl of weed with a drop of black hash oil on it and said “smoke this.” That was the beginning of over 20 years of getting high for me.

I can’t say I got much out of cannabis. I ended up being broke all the time because the weed man got all my money. I ended up with trouble from the law. I ended up with other drug problems. I got into fights with some of my stoner “friends” over plain stupid shit. And after 16 years of smoking I ended up with mental health problems. Looking back, I wish I never went to that school for losers and never met the fucked up people I ran into there. You can’t change the past though, you just have to try and rationalize it.

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