The Morning

I woke up this morning at about six. I made tea. I sat and listened to bullshit on YouTube. I had breakfast. It’s almost nine now and I haven’t even changed out of my night clothes.

I learned about a messed up country today, Turkmenistan. They are a dictatorship. They have a lot of natural gas. The place is a desert. Their capital resembles Las Vegas, but they don’t allow tourism. They have no freedom of speech. They have a state religion which is worship the dictator. They don’t allow dogs. Most of the people are dirt poor. China loves them.

The sun is shining through my curtains now. Dad is still asleep. I have no plans for the day other than to shelter in place. It is supposed to rain Sunday. It is going to be hot and sunny again today. I am not listening to country music this morning.

I don’t know what the point of this website is. Yesterday I spent an hour reading the Foxfire book. I might work on drawing today. I used to do a lot of art, drawing, painting, sculpture. Now I pass the time.

What value do I give to my readers? I can’t even tell them how to quit smoking, how to quit drinking, how to stop doing drugs. I quit smoking a year ago. My girlfriend got me into it again because she smokes two packs a day and she kept offering me cigarettes every time we spent the night together. I developed a cough, a wheeze, a depleted wallet. Now I can breathe, I have a little money, I don’t have to hide my filthy habit.

I suppose I should start writing poetry again, as that is what gets the most views here. Poetry is mostly pointless though. People listen to the most inane lyrics now in rap and pop songs. They wouldn’t know a poem if it walked up and smacked them in the face. Perhaps I should start a photo journal. Perhaps I should write about caring for the elderly, which is what I have to do now, get Dad going for the day. Bye all.

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