I have been trying to understand what this blog should do. So far it is a chronicle of my struggles with alcohol and illness. I hate to be an old man and always talk about my problems. Nobody wants to read about some random bastard’s problems.

I haven’t used my happy light in ages, so I just fired it up. I could really use a shave, but I might grow a beard. I haven’t heard from my girlfriend in two weeks now, so maybe she just doesn’t care any more. Me me me, that’s all I talk about here. There has to be something better to write about.

The other day in the parking lot waiting for Dad at physical therapy I started reading one of the Foxfire books. It was interesting reading about how things were in the old days down in Appalachia. Folks lived off the land back then. The only thing I was able to grow this year was onions. The wild things ate down everything else and finally the grasses and weeds took over. I would die if I had to live off the land.

Things didn’t always go this hard for me. Back when I was a young lad I used to plow and disc and rototill and weed and plant and harvest a whole big garden of food. Mom did a lot of the work as well while we were in school. We used to can and freeze all kinds of produce. Now I can’t even grow radishes. A trip back into the past isn’t going to solve things. I should think about the future.

The future. A world gone mad because of a virus. People burning and looting in the streets. Another idiotic election where the political parties choose our leaders. People afraid to even visit their family and friends. Churches closed, but liquor stores open. Jury duty but no trials. I don’t know what’s going on with the world.

I listened to a Frontline broadcast this morning about artificial intelligence. The rich it seems want to replace all the workers with robots and computers. The Chinese are using AI to track the ethnic minorities they are oppressing. Even doctors are going to be replaced by computers if they have their way. One of the truck drivers on this show had a good point. The robot workers don’t buy cars, or anything else, so the whole economy will collapse if they automate everything.

I read some years ago about this computer programmer who wrote a program to scour the web for information and then compose it into books. He sells these computer generated tomes on Amazon for hundreds or thousands of dollars a copy. I think his program has written over a thousand books now and the programmer is rich. Of course it is all plagiarized information he found with his spider on the web, so hey.

My sister is supposed to come over today to help us clean. She wears a mask in our house as if we have some kind of disease. I have lots of chicken soup for dinner, so that will be an easy meal. I was back down to 210 pounds this morning despite guzzling booze yesterday. I think I just need to stop eating so much and get more active. Anyway, I am going to think of something interesting to write about. For now, it’s just my insane life that is occupying my mind.

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