Here we are in another election year and our two choices for president are already laid out for us. What kind of choice is that really? We get to vote for one or the other political party’s pick to be our leader. They didn’t even hold primaries in most of the states before the Democrats selected Joe Biden. And now they are going to have their precious conventions to make it all official. What a waste of resources.

All you get on TV these days is politics, corona virus, and race riots. You never hear about the rest of the world unless something very bad happens. I don’t even watch the news most days. It’s not really a news service anyway. It’s infotainment dramatized to sell the things like drugs they show in the advertisements. I’d watch the news on PBS, but they have such a leftist bias it is hard to take.

So once again our election boils down to a choice between two fuckers who have no business running the country in the first place. I’ll be voting when they send me my ballot, but I don’t even know if it will be counted the way things are going in this country. I won’t be voting for Biden though. My bias in politics has shifted to the right after seeing all the nonsense the Democrats have pulled this year. I don’t like politicians, but this country is a democracy, not a socialist state.

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