Getting Better

It has been almost 24 hours now since my last slug of vodka. I have some good food for dinner tonight, chicken soup and a home grown tomato. It’s 92 F outside this afternoon. I spent the last hour reading part of one of the Foxfire books. I like reading stories about how people lived in the old days.

I am going to look into finding some way for this blog to pay off. I already paid for a domain name and for the personal plan. This is a personal blog after all, not a business where I sell things. I could probably sell books, I mean, I have rooms full of them. Back when I had a job I used to spend a lot of money on books and things. I have to look after the house and Dad now and can’t be going off getting a day job. I suppose I could become a farmer, that is, if I could actually get anything to grow.

Traffic is picking up on the road out front now, and it’s loud today. I got all the empty cans and bottles out of my room this morning and into the trash with the rest of the shit. I don’t want to be reminded of my drinking every time I look in my closet or chest of drawers. I’m not doing so bad with the drinking this month. I only drank two days out of 13, but still, that’s two drunken days too many.

I still haven’t thought about what I want to write about. I used to care about electronics and science. I have a BS degree in physics. I worked for years in a school lab doing electronic repair, computer programming, analytic instrument maintenance. I have some skills, but the technology has changed. I like radio stuff as well and have an amateur radio technician license. I’m not stupid.

I am going to think about where I want to take this blog. I like it well enough as my online journal. It gives me some reason to write just having it here for people to look over. I haven’t had any urges to get drunk again today, and I have been watching what I eat and walking a lot. Perhaps this will just be a record of my recovery from a lot of problems I should never have had in the first place.

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