Devil In a Bottle

I passed out last night and woke up with insomnia at one AM. I am through with messing with that demon alcohol. It does me no good whatsoever. For the hell of it this morning I turned on the country music station. It was nothing but songs about getting drunk and broken homes. Talk about your brainwashing.

It’s six in the morning now and the sky is just starting to lighten up. I have a cup of green tea. Dad is still sound asleep. The county rolled through yesterday with a line of trucks and put tar and crushed stone down on the road out front. Mom’s friend Joan came by yesterday and dropped off some banana nut bread. She only stayed a few minutes.

So today is day one sober for me, again. I’m sick of all the bullshit alcohol has done to me over the years. I almost think prohibition wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Why do I have to poison myself this way? Anyway, it’s too early to think straight. I need some more tea.

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