The Day After

I drank beer yesterday. I started with two silos of LaBatt’s, drained those, and then bought two more. I rode my mountain bike to the store for the second batch. All the beer did for me was to make me tired and sleep a lot. I had gone 12 days without drinking before yesterday, so I don’t feel so bad about indulging.

Today I am just hanging out at home and doing some light exercise and chores. I picked up some country ribs for dinner at the local store, as well as some chicken for tomorrow. Prices on meat today were pretty good, and there was almost nobody else at the store when I went this morning.

My weight was up a pound this morning which doesn’t really surprise me. I need to lose another ten pounds before I pass the obesity threshold. Technically I am still obese, and I will need to lose another 40 pounds before I am at a healthy weight. I suppose I could starve myself, but that just seems wrong.

I was tempted to drink again today but decided to keep my nose clean. I don’t need to sleep away any more days of my life. I don’t need to lose any more of my life to that devil in a bottle. Today I start the count over and try to stay sober for the rest of the month, if not my life. I am tired of all the bullshit I have had to go through for booze and think there are better ways to spend my time than passing out in bed drunk and incapacitated.

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