I have been tracking storms all afternoon that are headed this way. They had wind gusts over 100 mph in Iowa this afternoon and a lot of damage. The storms are just hitting Kalamazoo now and should be around here in a couple hours. Hopefully the models are right and these winds and rain dissipate by the time they get here, but I am not sure. It’s looking like we may get hit tonight, so I will be staying up and keeping an eye on things.

I used to love storms and foul weather when I was younger. I used to ride my bicycle through snow and ice storms, rain storms, thunder storms. Yeah, I was probably crazy, but things were different years ago. I had no fear in me like I do these days. Now I sit in my room and watch the weather radar, get the wind reports, check the power outage map. It’s rough getting old.

I have my weather radio going now. The robot voice is fairly calming, but I don’t like what it is saying. There have been worse storms this year, so I suppose I shouldn’t worry. Mother Nature is just having a fit at the Midwest today. It got up to 90 F this afternoon and was very humid. It’s not so bad with storms in summer around here, though we do get tornado warnings from time to time. I suppose I should relax and not worry so much. I should have some faith in my pagan gods that they will protect us.

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