I’m having a couple of cold ones today. I went 12 days without alcohol and got a good bill of health from my doctor. As long as it’s not every day and not to excess I see no harm in a couple beers.

Chipmunk number seven has been laid to rest this morning as well. The little scamp was jetting around the back yard all morning collecting bird seeds, but he couldn’t resist the slice of apple and peanut butter I set out for him on the trigger of a rat trap. Those little fuckers are cute, but they tear the place up and need to be eliminated.

I have a slow cooker filled with beef stew slowly simmering along for dinner. I have chuck roast chunks, pan seared to a golden brown, a bay leaf, onion, carrots, water, wine vinegar, black pepper, and mustard powder. Even though I just put it on it still smells delicious, so we will have a good dinner. I will cube up some potatoes at about four to cook for a couple hours in the stew and thicken it with some corn starch and water.

It is a sunny, hot summer day today. Dad went off to church this morning. His parish is holding services outside because of the virus. Last week he stayed home because it was pouring rain. It may rain later today, but so far the sky is clear and the sun is beaming.

I have no photos on my blog here. I have a camera, I have pictures I took on my computer. I could do the Instagram thing and write poems as captions on a photo, but I don’t feel like doing that. I think it would be cool to travel around the country and take landscape photos of the roadside scenery, but I have obligations at home here. I have dreams sometimes of exploring the badlands and the Midwest. Perhaps someday.

Oh well, that’s all I feel like writing now. Nothing special. Nothing informative or controversial. Maybe I will feel like writing a poem later.

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