Bright Morning

It’s warm already this morning. I slept in until seven today after a night of dreaming that I went to the beach. In reality it has been 15 years since I went to the beach. The sand in my dream was warm and white. I woke up in a fairly good mood.

I weighed in at 210 pounds this morning, so I am down almost 30 pounds since a year ago. I had beans and cabbage and apple and soy protein today so far and am sticking to a higher fiber diet to control my cholesterol. My broken shoulder has been giving me some pain for the last couple days, but it is nothing out of the ordinary.

I am getting bored with the computer lately. It seems like I watch the same videos every day now, and they are all full of shit. I played Skyrim for a while this morning but didn’t do a hell of a lot. Yesterday in Solitude a guard made a crack about needing a good bandit raid to make things interesting, so I spawned ten low level bandits in the town square and let the guards and citizens deal with them. They left me alone because I added myself to the bandit friend faction. So far that character has killed only animals and no people.

I might make a meatloaf for dinner tonight. I have the hamburger thawing in the fridge, and oats and everything else I need for one. Some baked potatoes would go well with it. I have some tomatoes that are nice, though they cost a lot.

So far I haven’t done much with this website. I think I will keep the title and tagline the way they are now and just continue to write journal entries. I haven’t been feeling very poetic since I quit drinking. I might consult Robert Burns about that. I’m really not much of a dreamer either.

For the last month and a half I have been taking Reaper Squeezins Carolina Reaper sauce for my pain. I take a little of that and mix it in with a cup of water and drink it down. It soothes my pain better than aspirin and has some other health benefits. It’s costly stuff though at about three dollars an ounce, but if it helps with my pain it is worth it. I told my doctor about that and she said it might help. At least she wasn’t against my home remedy.

I need to look into ways to popularize this blog. I have a few readers, but none today so far. I guess I need to give people a reason to read my writing. I am not a celebrity so nobody really cares about my life. People care about their own lives though, so maybe I will write something about how I got my cholesterol and triglycerides down with diet and exercise and see if I can get some traction for that post. For now, I am just going to do some walking and light exercise, maybe work on my core today with some sit-ups, and take care of the household chores like cooking and laundry. See ya later.

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