Health Update

I had a checkup at the doctor yesterday that went well. She seemed pleased that I had lost some weight and that my blood pressure was good. I had some blood tests and got some surprising results. My cholesterol came down well into the normal range and my triglycerides were pretty low as well after both factors had been very high. I guess there is something to eating more fruits and vegetables and leaving the eggs and dairy alone.

Today is day ten for me without alcohol and I am not looking back. I don’t need that shit in my life. It drains my bank account, my energy, and my health. So today I am going to do some light exercise and stick to a mostly plant-based diet. I picked up some salmon for dinner for Dad and I but aside from that I am going to stick to foods with more fiber and less cholesterol. My weight is moving in the right direction as well. I was down to 210 pounds this morning and woke up early. Take care.

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