Early Morning, Busy Day

I woke up early this morning after a night of strange dreams. I got some tea, I took my pills, I walked a little. I have a doctor appointment in about an hour, so I have to get organized. I got a light breakfast and will be leaving in about half an hour. When I get home we have to take the truck into the shop for shocks. I have to think about something for dinner as well.

I don’t like going to the doctor. She is going to bug me about colon cancer because I am old. She is going to bug me about going on statins because my cholesterol was high. She will probably bug me because I haven’t lost enough weight. I don’t even know if my insurance is still good, but I will find out soon enough. I honestly don’t know why I am going to see a doctor again. They never do much for me but prescribe drugs. Even when I broke my shoulder four years ago all they did was take a lot of x-rays, tell me I was fucked up, and tell me to call them if I suddenly became paralyzed. What the fuck? And the part that bugs me is they made a lot of money off my injuries, and all I got was screwed.

Anyway, I can’t sit around writing all morning. I have a shitload of things that have to get done today. I might check in later and post about how things went at the doctor. It is day nine that I am without alcohol now, so that at least is a positive change. I weighed in at 211 pounds this morning and I have cut way back on my food, so maybe that will help me lose some of this drug-induced weight gain. Take care.

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