Tea in the Morning

I am still a little groggy from sleep this morning. This is day seven for me on sobriety, and I think I am over the hump as far as cravings go. I picked up some supplements at the health food store on Saturday to help me stay clean and start building some muscle. I have been exercising every day now for the last week.

I have a cup of green tea this morning. It is almost 8:30 now. I think today I am going to skip breakfast and just have some pea soup for lunch. I haven’t weighed myself yet this morning, but probably am up a pound or so.

I have a doctor appointment on Thursday with my primary care physician. She is bound to bug me about colon cancer screening. Now here’s the thing: I smoked for years and they never seem concerned about screening me for lung cancer. But because I am over 50 they seem paranoid about colon cancer. Doctors are strange.

It is a cool cloudy morning and we may get some rain today. I got the lawn mowed on Saturday, so that chore is out of the way. I have to do something about this blog and see about making it into a going concern. I have a decent domain now with my name on it, so who knows, maybe I will get into something like writing articles on health and fitness, things I have been studying for some time now. Anyway, that’s all for now. I will be back later to write some more.

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