Quiet Afternoon

It’s 3:35 PM here now. Dad is watching a crime show on TV. I went to the store this morning and got some milk and some ground chuck for dinner. I have been walking in my room today and listening to idiotic videos on YouTube.

There is a lot of bad information online. People spend a lot of time pointing out other people’s lies. With electronic media it is hard to figure out sometimes just what is true and what is just plain wrong. Take the vegan diet and lifestyle for example. The vegans love to say how healthy their diet of plants is, yet there is plenty of evidence that a vegan diet leads to malnutrition and health problems. There are even a lot of anti-vegans online like Gatis Langdzins and Daphne Rimmel. Both are flat earth believers as well.

I am going to make some mashed potatoes and hamburger with gravy for dinner. It’s an easy fix and has plenty of protein for Dad. At 89 years old his muscles are wasting away. I haven’t really had much to eat so far today. I had green tea this morning, a cabbage smoothie, a TVP taco for lunch, and some bacon for a snack. Also I had some prunes for another snack. So altogether for the day I probably had 700 calories worth of food.

I thought about getting some beer today, but fought back the urge. Today is the seventh day straight for me without alcohol. That shit has an evil hold on me. It just ends up knocking me out and making me feel like shit, so I don’t know why I would even drink it ever. The socially acceptable drug is a killer too. Three million people a year die from alcohol in the world as a rough estimate. That makes it far worse than the corona virus that has the whole world paralyzed. Smoking tobacco kills a lot of people each year as well in horrible ways. The government makes money off alcohol and tobacco though, so they are never going to do anything about it. I haven’t had a cigarette in a year now and don’t intend to start again.

So this is my journal now. Three people liked my previous post, so thanks. I guess I have some readers here. What I don’t have is a source of income. I am not about to start cyber-begging either. So many people on YouTube set up Patreons and super chats for their live streams that I wonder how begging online became the norm. There’s no need to give money to glory hounds and attention whores who just say shit that is controversial.

I have to get some more activity in today. It has been a couple days now since I lifted weights. Usually I just walk back and forth in my room and listen to lectures. I can’t afford a treadmill and don’t see the point of one when a floor does the same thing. I have dumbbells, a barbell set, a weight bench, a weighted vest, hand grippers, a medicine ball, and some 2 pound hand weights. I have a yoga mat, though I seldom do yoga. I have any music I want as well to take the boredom out of exercise. Unlike over 30 million people in America these days, I have all the food I need. I just need to get off my ass now and get to work. Catch you later people.

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