Still Sore

I am still sore from whatever has got a hold of me. I am starting to feel better though and got a little work done today. I went to Kroger and got groceries this morning. I got the lawn tractor all ready to go to mow the lawns, about an acre of grass or so, and just have to wait for the battery to charge. I made lunch for Dad and caught another chipmunk this morning.

It’s very hot this afternoon, about 88 F. I have to wear jeans and jacket to mow, so tomorrow morning after the dew burns off when it is cool is the best time. I have been trying to learn how to build up some muscle today, but you ask that question of the net and you get a lot of bullshit. Everybody has an opinion and they all want to make a buck off you.

I really should be working on my writing, but I am just not inclined. This journal is my writing project now. For some reason I got a lot of page views from China today. I would have thought the great firewall would have blocked me off from views in that country. Well, I am off now to do something about dinner. Potato pancakes are on the menu for tonight, so something savory, and some corn off the cob. Bye for now.

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