Cool Morning

It’s 63 degrees F this morning here in Salem Township. The house is cool and comfortable. I am still feeling sore for no reason, but I suppose things will be better today as we have no obligations.

I had a cup of green tea this morning. I quit coffee a week ago now. I made a big baking dish of baked beans yesterday for dinner and they turned out well. I will have beans for a few days now as it is just Dad and I living here.

I made some progress yesterday on staying sober. I have to get back into lifting weights and getting some exercise. I think this morning I will do some walking in my room and listen to some exercise videos, or lectures about exercise.

It has been four or five days since I played any Skyrim. I don’t play that game the way it is supposed to be played. The way you are supposed to play it is to become a mass murderer and psycho killer and unleash dragons on the world. The way I play it is to start a homestead and plant a farm and do crafts and chop wood. I do not delight in slaughter.

I haven’t seen any chip-rats around this morning. Their days are numbered around here. I caught two field mice last night in the rat traps. I have to eliminate those critters before they do more damage to the vehicles. I can’t understand how such a cute little creature can be so destructive.

It’s early this morning and I have to take it easy today. I cut down some weedy trees yesterday and trimmed the bush by the air conditioner so the repair man could get at it easier. He got the AC working again and charged a reasonable amount. It took almost three weeks before they got to us, but times are different with this virus that is going around.

I still haven’t decided what I want to do with this blog. Perhaps I will turn it into a place to sell my art. I have books I could be selling as well, but hey, if nobody comes here, who is going to buy anything? Right now it is just my open journal to the world where I tell the story of my life. I suppose I can live with that for a while.

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