New Direction

I still like poetry, but I have to take a new direction with this blog. It’s not encouraging to post a poem, get 8 views on it, then it’s there doing nothing for the rest of its existence. So I have turned this into my online journal.

I’m still not feeling up to snuff as far as my health goes. I think I caught something like a flu virus that has made all my muscles ache. It has also given me intestinal problems, but they are clearing. I haven’t had the best diet for the last week and think I really need to detox my system.

I like this blog. It has my name on it and it is my place to publish some of my thoughts and to read what others post. I think I need to find some other online journals here and follow them. I like reading about normal people’s lives and what goes through their heads. Perhaps I need to just collect my thoughts at times and leave them to the wind.

I can see myself writing articles about the news and things that are happening in the world, or about products, food, culture, music or art. Right now I feel like talking about my health because it has been fairly bad for the last week.

I am overweight. In my underwear this morning I weighed 212 pounds, and at five foot nine I am technically obese. My muscles seem to be wasting away with old age, and my energy levels are low. I have very low motivation to do anything, and apparently have to rely on drugs to keep me sane. My cholesterol was through the roof last time they checked it, and my liver enzymes were bad. I get dizzy standing up too fast, and sleep far too much. It’s all because I have been on antipsychotic medications since 1996.

Yeah, in the past I have been considered crazy. Last time I was hospitalized was almost three years ago. That’s where I met my friend, who has her own set of problems. I haven’t seen her in almost a year now, so we have pretty much gone our own ways. I have my old Father to help around the house, and he has a lot of health problems as well. We live in a sprawling ranch house in a semi-rural area, though the road is paved and heavily traveled.

But that’s enough about my problems. I need to start solving my problems instead of suffering with them. I need to find a way to lose weight given that I am on drugs that make me lethargic and hungry. I need to get more energy and stop falling asleep at eight PM. I need to watch myself and not start drinking booze again. Right now I am going to do some walking in my room and listen to something educational. Take care.

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