Chipmunk Damage

We got the car back from dealer service this evening. The chipmunks from the front yard had made a nest in it and gnawed apart a wiring harness. So I made a decision about the little rascals this morning. They had to go.

I bought some rat traps at Home Depot. I baited them with a slice of apple and some peanut butter. I terminated two of the critters from the front yard with these devices. Cold, I know, to waste a cute little chipmunk. $300 for the critters’ damage to be repaired is no damn good either. The rodents have to go.

It’s sad because we have been feeding them peanuts and sunflower seeds for the last couple years. They are cute when they stuff their faces full of seeds or peanuts and then scamper off to their homes. But cute isn’t important when it comes to vehicle safety. I can’t have chip-rats gnawing away at my vehicles. I got two of the rascals today, but there are at least three more that have to be done in. You can’t teach a rodent not to gnaw, and they will have freshly-baited traps to play with tomorrow.

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