Somewhere Else

I met a girl one day
While walking through a forest glade.
The sun shone brightly
Yet she wore a sad look on her face,
And stared as if on empty space.

I said “hello” and asked
Of what it was that troubled her.
She looked upon me
And in tremolo, with quivered lip,
Told me this sad story of her trip.

“I come from far away
And am a stranger to these woods.
I long to return
But I do not have the means to go,
For earthly vessels travel far too slow.”

I asked her where she lived
But all she’d say was “somewhere else.”
And then she sat down
In the grass and picked a flower fair,
And placed it gently in her auburn hair.

A moment passed and then,
She continued with her tale.
“I wouldn’t say this
But it bothers me, your planet here,
Is filled with violence and hate and fear.

“I look around me
At the way you treat your brothers,
Always telling lies,
And saying that you possess things,
Like earth and sea and air and even wings.

“It makes me think:
They’re human, and they must be stupid
‘Cause they do not understand
That you, cannot, possess.

“I feel so lonely
Sometimes on your planet here in space.
I look around me
And I see so many of you,
Please, won’t someone tell me who,

“Are these humans,
Are they stupid,do they just ignore
Each other everywhere they go,
In anonymity?

“On my home planet
We have literature, and poetry,
Which speaks to us of
What we could become in time if we
Would only open up our eyes and see.

“But these humans,
Are they stupid, do they only want
To speak of troubles any time
They open up their mouths?

“And now marooned here
I wander ‘cross this planet wide,
In search of someone
Who will show me, who will understand
That I must find some way back to my land.”

I sat beside her
And I took her hand in my hand,
And I told her:
“You are not alone, I’ve been here
Waiting for you for at least a year.

“Because these humans
Are so stupid, that they need our help
And we are stupid too.”

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